To 1.



I can’t sleep.

What do you want me to do?

You have to sing to me.



This doesn’t mean anything! I still don’t like you.



I still don’t like you.



We have to do it again.

What? Again, that was the fourth photo!

No, this time, try not to make it look like you’re being forced to do this.

But I am!

I don’t care, just, just, I don’t know, try not to look so miserable!


You know what I need? Some of the Oreo Cookie Shake goodness.

Its 3 in the morning!

No, I wasn’t saying you should go get it for me, now… but..

Okay, will you come with me?

I left my family for you!


Funny story. This one time, Soniya was.. Oww!

So anyway, funny story, Soniya was.. OWWW!

Anyway, so this one time.. OWWWWW!

Why do you keep hitting me?!

Well I’ve tried every other way!

To do what!

To tell you to shut, the, fuck up!


JANU! It’s snow! It’s SNOW!

I know baby. It’ll be there tomorrow. Go back to sleep.

But, but, it’s SNOW!


Janu, look, it is snowing.

Fine, okay. Let’s go.


What can you give me? You are in New York, I am in California. There is literally nothing you can “give” me.

Janu, just call me at 12. I have something to give you.

But there is literarily nothing you can give me. You could tell me something, but that’s about it. Not “give” me anything.

Janu please, just call me at 12.

(2 hours later)

I’ve been trying, this isn’t working, but hold on.

(impatiently) Fine, okay. I’ll wait.

Here. It’s done. Watch.


Oh my god. This was going to be one of the worst birthdays I have had in years, maybe even a decade. Yet you still found a way to make it fantastic…


I love you so much. I love you, so much.

++ ^ inf

se bhi zyaada

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