It is so confusing.

Ironic, innit? You are the smartest person alive. It was a gift, that was given to you! Then, why is it that it seems like a curse? You can understand and perceive so much more than most can. Clarity is the gift that you were given and you cannot imagine life without it.

Then why are you confused. Why is it that you do not understand.

Basic human understanding. When someone cries, they are hurt, they feel pain. All you see is stupidity entrenching a feeble mind. You are above all of that. The cold steel of logic guides your way. You do not feel, you just compute. Emotion is a factor, you cannot ignore it. You account for it. You try to understand it. You pity the people who have to deal with it like it was a real thing.

Then you make that stupid decision. You fall for that lie that you just, just, just want to believe. You want to feel it. You want to feel… you just want to feel.

That is when they have you. It seems like they care, it seems that they will always be there. Then in one instant, that love turns to anger. That affection seems to disappear. You don’t understand. You are the smartest person alive, and yet, you don’t understand!!!

Maybe that is what normal people do. They pick up the pieces, and they move on. They try to reconstruct their lives and their minds. They should have learnt, but they haven’t. They, yet again, throw themselves into that whirling cesspool that cannot be controlled, cannot be defined.

You are smarter. You will understand. You will let that cold steel of logic define your life. You may not feel, but that is fine. You are, the smartest person alive.


..then you think, are you really, alive?

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